Looking for a Credit Repair company?

With the rise in credit repair company scams, most people would think twice before they go for their services. But why let a few people dissuade you from planning out your repayment plans. There’s no doubt that certain scammers in the business have given a bad reputation to the whole industry, but if you fall for flashy advertisements, then it’s on you.  All you need to do is practice caution while searching for a trustworthy business. Just remember that you are looking for a way out of trouble, not into another one. So, if you want to successfully improve the information on your credit report and not get scammed, here is a list of things that can reassure you that you’re in good hands.
1. Their Reputation
Of course, you wouldn’t want to go for a business that has garnered negative reputation. But there are many small businesses that don’t advertise much and are the best you can find. Trusting them might be difficult for you and so it’s better to ask them for references before you hire them. Ask around the neighborhood or anyone you know who has obtained their services.  There are many businesses that advertise vehemently and yet are more interested in getting your money than they are in solving your problem. Just beware of them and go for a business that has a good reputation. As long as they provide the desired results and follow the law, you’re good to go.
2.  Consultation
Credit repair companies should provide a free consultation before you sign up for services.  Credit repair is not for everyone.  Your credit should be reviewed to get to understand your situation and determine if this is the right direction for you.
3. The Contract
All legit credit repair companies are governed by credit reporting laws. And the law clearly states that they have to provide you a written contract, explaining all your rights and the services they promise to provide you. This goes without saying; read the terms and conditions of the contract before you agree on anything.  There is a lot of material available on the net that can walk you through the whole process.  Every case differs and there are limitations to what a credit repair company can do for you but if they promised you that they’ll repair your credit scores, make sure that’s included in the contract.
4. Fee Arrangements
Some credit repair companies may offer you a “Pay for Removal” option. It’s a program for which the company will charge you a fee on every negative item they remove from your credit report. Sounds lucrative, right? But make sure that they promise you to remove the item if it comes back after a while (it happens sometimes).
Lastly, ensure that the credit repair company provides you with the details for cancellation of services. You might want to stick with them if they fulfill this criterion but you should be prepared, just in case.

  • March 5, 2017
  • | Categories: Blog